Frequently Asked Questions

If you do not find the question/answer you are looking for below please feel free to contact the school at (706)276-5020.  Our office staff are waiting to assist you in anyway they can.
  1. What time do buses release, car riders start? The first buses will release at 3:00 and car riders will begin as soon as the last bus pulls out, which should be by 3:10.  You can avoid the long wait in the car rider lane if you get here after the line starts moving.  3:15-3:20 is the perfect time to pick your child up quickly.
  2. Do you have an afterschool program?  Yes, we offer SAFE Afterschool program which goes until 6:00 each school day.  A snack is provided to each child.  The cost of SAFE is determined by income level and number of children enrolled in the program.  You can contact the office for more information on cost of the program.  Drop-off services are also available but the cost is $7.00 per child per day. 
  3. What is the latest time to do a destination change?  2:30
  4. Can I eat lunch with my child?    Yes, you are welcome to eat lunch with your child any day.  As a matter of fact, we encourage you to do this.  Just make sure you check in through the front office and get a visitor pass.
  5. What is the latest time to pick up my child before they are counted absent for the whole day?   anyone picked up before 11:30 will be counted absent
  6. What time does school start?   academic classes begin at 8:10