* 9-27-17 - EES Little Cub Cafe' gets perfect score!!
EES Little Cub Cafe' is rockin' it this year!  We received a perfect score on our monthly Health Inspection.  A big THANK YOU to all the staff who make the EES Nutrition program a success everyday for our students.  Everyone plays such a vital part of the team and we could not do it without them!!

* 9-25-17- EES Little Cubs Cafe' earns the GOLD!!!
EES Little Cub Café is proud to announce that A Gold Star Status was reached in our "Shake It Up" campaign from last school year. We hope by continuing to provide the food seasonings, that our students will be more interested in eating school lunches.  We appreciate our "Little Cubs" for helping us achieve this goal.

* 5-2-17 - Tasty Meals, Friendly Faces makes for a happy school
As we wind down our school year the staff in the Little Cubs Cafe' continue to offer warm welcomes and serve up smiles to everyone each day.   We strive to make our cafeteria a positive place to be.  

We will try to continue to honor the menu that is published each month but please take into consideration that we will be trying to use up stock before schools is out for summer and may run out of certain items.  This will result in an unexpected change in the menu somedays.    Tasty meals will still be on the menu we just may have to switch things up sometimes.  We Thank You in advance for your understanding in the matter.

* 3-30-17 - EES students join the "SHAKE IT UP" movement
When the "SHAKE IT UP" program was introduced to Ellijay Elementary School we were optimistic.  We had received all the literature and guidelines to help us put it together but we were not prepared for the enthusiasm we would see in the children.  

A change in personality and eating habits have become apparent over the days since the program started.  Students can be seen eating raw broccoli florets as they come through the cashier line. Many students have began to make their own recipes of the spices by mixing them together.  

Communications between cafeteria staff and students regarding the food and spices can be heard as "We have something new today kids, you should try it." rings out across the serving line.  Mr. Chuck says, "I can read it in their facial expressions and mannerisms as well as their comical comments." 
Some students have even made posters to hang in the school showing their excitement over this program.


We are very thankful to all of  EES faculty and staff who join us in teaching the children about proper nutrition and good health everyday.  But most of all we are thankful for the students and their enthusiasm.  They are,  after all, the reason we "SHAKE IT UP"

* 3-27-17 - Shaking things up at EES

Savor the Flavor with Mr. Chuck.wmv

Kim McBurnett, our Director of Nutrition at Gilmer County Charter School Systems is always filled with excitement.  Her professional approach to her job gives us all the confidence that we need to use the right tools to bring EES the best nutritional food services.  Kim has introduced the “SHAKE IT UP” program into all the Cafeterias in the Gilmer County School System.  The program objective is obvious, “Nutrition CAN taste good!”.  The SHAKE IT UP Program is reaching out to students to help them learn about nutrition by giving them the option to savor the flavor of all good foods that sometimes just needs to be spiced up.  We kicked off the SHAKE IT UP program using a video with Mr. Chuck and Mrs. DeAnne.  

Check out the video above and see how our students are learning to Shake It Up!

* 3-20-17 - Not just "Lunchroom Ladies"

The old title of 'Lunchroom Ladies" has definately changed with the times.  The staff at the EES Lunchroom consists of both men and women and their duties have grown from just food preparation to include nutritional education for students and staff alike.  They provide a full service breakfast and lunch each day for all students and staff.  Sonia Hataway, EES Nutritional Specialist, teaches the students about nutrition and can often be found helping students make wise choices as they gather their food components in the serving line.  James Stanley, EES Cafeteria assistant manager, works closely with Sonia to make sure all food items are in inventory and that all food is prepared correctly and promptly.  The EES Cafeteria nutrition team is complete with Maria, Marcy, Danielle and Mr. Chuck. They perform various duties and work closely with Sonia and James to turn a plan of action into a hot, nutritious meal for our students and staff.   EES is proud to have this nutrition team working to keep everyone healthy and happy!