Morning Drop Off

We open the doors at EES at 7:25 am.  Traffic will flow from McCutchen Street into the front drop off area.  Cars should pull up to the 2nd crosswalk area.  Staff will be on hand to direct students.  This process increases in efficiency if students unload on the building side of the car.  The traffic divides into two lanes after students exit the car.  The right lane will make it possible to continue on McCutchen toward EPS and the left lane will turn back toward Highway 5.

Afternoon Pick Up

Student pick up begins at 3:10 pm and will take place on the backside of EES (in the bus lane located between the building and the gym).  In order to allow buses to stage on McCutchen Street please plan to arrive at 3:00 pm. at the earliest.  The EES car rider line begins in the parking lot just below our building.  In an effort to prevent interference with the flow of traffic on McCutchen Street, arriving cars will loop through the parking lot, but should not advance past the parking lot exit until buses have been safely cleared.  EES parent pick up traffic will then turn right toward Highway 5.  Please use caution as this lane of traffic is merging with parents from EPS that also collect students at EES.